Launch of the “Scaleout Way Project” to create a new era through collaboration with interns from abroad

calendar_today 06-27-2022

In the first phase, we collaborated with students from Africa in a dedicated and fun collaboration. We are now moving on to the second phase!


Scaleout Inc. (CEO: Hiroshi Oggy Ogino) has launched the “Scaleout Way Project (tentative name)” as part of its search for ways to create value in the new era, and will further promote overseas collaboration.

Scaleout Way Project – the first phase members (SIMBA)

What is the “Scale Out Way Project?”

This project promotes collaboration between Japan and other countries for win-win situations, and in cooperation with JICA/JICE, provides internship opportunities in Japan for students from overseas studying in Japan to gain real business experience in Japan. It is also intended to create new business opportunities through human exchange in an enjoyable environment where Japanese can also learn more about overseas countries.



In a world of drastic change, global cooperation has become increasingly important. The resolution of the Ukraine-Russia issue and conflicts in various regions fundamentally requires each of us to have an attitude of understanding and accepting others. Diverse teams of people not only bring good performance in corporate business activities, but also foster the spirit of D&I (Diversity & Inclusion), in which we respect each other as members of society as a whole. Collaborative efforts among countries will also be essential to counter the spread of the new coronavirus and to ensure sustainability.


The first phase

The first phase of the Scaleout Way Project has already focusing on Africa. In the year before this press release, we held a summer internship program from August 21 to August 31, 2021.

We accepted the intern members from African countries who had come to Japan to study in master’s programs at Japanese universities. Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, the internship was conducted completely online, but they actively and happily engaged in various activities over the 10 days, including new business development works and trainings. They also appeared on our live music streaming program “Oggy Live Today,” where they talked about the appeal of Africa, their experiences and impressions in Japan, and participated in music.

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The first phase members

In the first phase, as the “SIMBA Team” (from top left to right in the photo): Nahor (Chad to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University), Oggy (from Scaleout Inc.), Mahe (Ivory Coast to Niigata University), (from bottom left to right), Aldino (Mozambique → Nagoya University), Trevor (Ivory Coast to Nagoya Institute of Technology) and Catherine (Kenya to Hosei University).

A family member of one of the interns, during the internship period, has suddenly passed away, so the intern had to leave the program. This has been a very sad incident, but the other members took over her outcome and the made the final presentation at the end of the internship.


Special lecutures

At our expert interview sessions, we had 3 special lecturers. We deeply appreciate for the precious lectures in the each fields such as Japanese work culture, problem solving/innovation, sustainability and so on.

Example: “The Path to Sustainable Business : The internship team from Africa hears a talk by Mr. Donald Eubank, Read the Air”



We have conducted the internship through hosting the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) program that assists international students. We highly appreciate the JICA/JICE members, especially Ijichi-san (below photo: bottom center) and Mori-san (middle right) from JICE (Japan International Cooperation Center, the contractor of the JICA program) who directly gave us lots of supports from the preparation to the final presentation.

Scaleout Way

Scaleout Way Project and JICE members