We Do Music


360-degree support of your music activity

Scaleout Inc. works with major and independent musicians/labels in Japan and around the world to provide 360-degree music support including online/offline production/planning, promotion, distribution, live events internationally.


We have experience in the below items as well. Please feel free to make an inquiry.

  • Digital distribution representation
  • Live event management (planning and execution)
  • PA: Sound coordination for live events
  • Artist booking
  • Live performance, BGM performance/accompanying
  • Rights management (copyright and/or related right)
  • Songwriting
  • Master production (music, video)
  • Creation of lyrics from one language to another
  • Lyrics translation
  • Researching music and health
  • Website development and production
  • SNS operation
  • Consultation


Client example

Japan Central Music, LTD.