We Do Consulting

We love helping organization and product/service to succeed on the basis of strategy, marketing, and innovation, and to get enhanced by the power of entertainment produced from those elements. Especially, we love AI and data gathering too. 



The first step is to  understand the situation of the client by carefully listening to and hearing the voice of the people who are involved.

Then the tailor made strategy is designed by thorough and in-depth analysis, discussion, creative mindset and moral.

We also value the implementation of the plan toward the strategically set goal, monitoring the status in the each steps to generate right feedback.



Content Marketing is one of today’s most effective tools for any type, any size of business.

Enhance the brand image of your business and products by utilizing the power of entertaining contents, such as music, video, anime, manga, and so on!

The end result should be to attract the custemer sustainably – it is a long term effort.



Three simple steps:

Seed: discover the idea – they should be plenty of them!

Leaf: try the idea – you may want to understand market, design a prototype,

and try it. Technology may play an important role.

Flower: turn the prototype into product/service so it will please and/or help more people in better ways. 

Let’s make it happen!