Do Online w/COVID-19

calendar_today 07-26-2020

Scaleout Inc. offers the following measures to make business deals as “online” as possible from the initial contact to the completion of the transaction.

Online Communication

For an initial contact, we offer a contact page that you can simply fill in and to which we respond as quickly as possible.

We can also accept business deals through crowdsourcing sites such as CrowdWorks and Lancers, which offer business matchings and escrows, upon your inquiry.

As long as we exchange our contact, you can choose the best communication channel that matches the situation, considering usability, efficiency, security level, cost, and so on. For example:

Audio, video and/or text: Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Slack, Meet, Teams, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, Signal, Viber, regular email, phone, SMS or FAX.

Musical conversation: SyncRoom

Others: Please do not worry if your favorite service/app are not listed. Those are subject to be supported upon your request.

Online Documents

We can provide our work in progress and final deliverables online, for example,

Format: Variety of audio and video formats, MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel and Word),  Google Docs, Adobe PDF and other Creative Cloud formats, or others on the basis of your request.

Shared Storage: Dropbox and so on. Massive data (> 1GB) can be exchanged. Git (if it is code) is also available.

Online Authentication 

We can use DocuSign to digitally sign documents such as contract, LOI, MOU, invoice, receipt and so on, when we prepare them. (If you need we can also use contracting with postal mail as well.)

Online Payment

We accept payments by:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Visa, Master, American Express and JCB)
  • Bank transfer (SMBC and Rakuten)

How to use them?

Based on the situation, we can offer tips of these above tools in order for you to successfully and efficiently achieve your goal.

What about offline?

We do not mean that all the physical human-to-human interaction, mutual understanding, or emotional sensation through live experience disappear completely. 

On the other hand, especially in COVID-19 situation, there are lots of merits in the online activities. As a tech oriented company that performs businesses swiftly, we already have done some businesses in which we did not physically meet the customer throughout the project.

We evaluate the situation carefully and respond as properly as possible, with the option of offline (face-to-face) and online on the table.