Live music streaming every day for two consecutive years, now in its third year! Oggy Live Today” is now live online!

calendar_today 04-04-2022

We would like to let you know that Oggy Live Today” (operated by Scaleoutt Inc.; CEO: Hiroshi Oggy Ogino), an independent online music live show that is held every day, has reached as of April 3, 2022 its second consecutive year of holding a live show every day, and is now entering its third year.

Oggy Live Today毎日開催しているインディーズのオンライン・音楽ライブ「Oggy Live Today」(運営:スケールアウト株式会社、代表:荻野浩司)は、2022年4月3日に“2年連続毎日開催”を達成し、現在3年目に突入していることをお知らせいたします。

Oggy Live Today


What is “Oggy Live Today”?

Oggy, a.k.a. Hiroshi Oggy Ogino, plays guitar, sings Hikigatari tunes, and talks online from 10:30 p.m. every day. Special guests (krystalcube, Hideki Yamamoto, Susumu Yamahara, Oginomad, Akiyo, etc.) have made cameo/friendship appearances, collaborating through online music performances and talk sessions.



This live stream series started on Facebook on April 4, 2020, just before the announcement of the state of emergency in Japan on 2020, due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection. In order to minimize the risk of spreading the infection, we worked on the format of the activity to play live music online. Aiming to relieve as much as possible the stress of the dark and sunken world, and create a relaxed atmosphere, we “opened all year round” for one year and delivered 30 minutes show in real time every day. The daily streaming is still ongoing with the support of many friends and related parties, adding the streaming platforms such as YouTube and SHOWROOM and trying new things. 


Live Contents

In the streaming, guitar instrumentals of standard songs such as jazz, bossa nova, and blues, covers of famous songs picked up regardless of genre, including rock and pop, and Oggy’s original song, such as “Today” and so on, have been played.

Talks (MC) with various topics are also included, and the language changes daily between Japanese and English, so the visitors have joined from all over the world. In the streaming video, Oggy himself appears with the background photos and videos, and/or the original avatar may attend instead, implying the look-and-feel of metaverse.


Occasionally, special guests such as krystalcube, Hideki Yamamoto, Susumu Yamahara, Oginomad, and Akiyo, have made cameo/friendship appearances, so there are online performance collaborations and interview sessions. For example, we showed an exchange session toward SDGs with African members (from Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Mozambique, and Chad) who are studying in Japan (August 2021), an interview with Hideki Yamamoto on Minerva University and education, a discussion and online session with Susumu Yamahara on human resource development and art thinking, discussion and information exchange on music production with Oginomad, Christmas live streaming in collaboration with Kellogg Club of Japan (Japanese alumni association of Kellogg School of Management) (12/25/2020), and a live party on 12/24/2021 with special guest appearances by Akiyo, Susumu Yamahara, and Oginomad


~ Message from Oggy ~

“I hope you will feel free to join and relax, listen to music, and be well.”


Overview of “Oggy Live Today”

Date: Every day (for the time being)
Time: 22: 30-23: 00 (JST: Japan Standard Time)
Language: Japanese or English
Artist: Oggy
Fee: Free
Format: Online

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